Richard RobertsSecond of two parts

One day, Jesus came to a place called the Pool of Bethesda. It was surrounded by sick people who believed that an angel would come down once a year and stir the water, and the first person to get in the water would be healed. As Jesus looked at that group, He picked out a hard case, a man who had been sick for 38 years, unable to walk, unable to care for himself, and unable to do the ordinary things in life. And Jesus said to him, “Will you be made whole?”

This man no doubt thought, I’m hopeless, I’m helpless. My problem is too hard even for God. I’ve been lying here 38 years, so my situation must be beyond God’s power to do anything about it. But Jesus said, “Rise up, take up your bed and walk.”And immediately the man was made whole, took up his bed, and walked away from that pool where he had been going regularly for 38 long, difficult years! (See John 5:1-9.)

Have you been waiting a long time for God’s miracle working power to come into your life? Do you believe God has forgotten your name or your address? Are you beginning to think that your case is too tough for God? Don’t be discouraged!  Your problem is not too difficult for God! Reach out to Him with your faith, today. Plant a seed of your faith and aim it at the need you have. Expect something good from God… and start expecting a miracle!