Richard Roberts

Once, while we were live and on the air with our television program, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that He was healing someone who had a hole in their left ear lobe. That was a very unusual word from the Lord and after I gave the word, I even commented, “Wasn’t that unusual?” The Lord made it very plain to me, however, that this was not a pierced ear or a punctured eardrum, but a hole in someone’s ear lobe that He was healing.

A few days later we received a phone call from a woman in Indianapolis, Indiana. She said, “I was watching Richard Roberts last week when I heard him call out a word that a hole in a left ear was being healed. I want you to know that I am the woman. I was born with a hole in my ear lobe, but now I am healed. Praise God!”

As I was thinking about this later in the day, I realized that each one of us is born with some type of “hole” in our lives. Each one of us has something “missing” that keeps us from being complete.

There’s a hole in our spirits…and only Jesus can fill that vacuum with His love and forgiveness.

There’s often a hole in our bodies…a weakness, or sickness, or disease, or condition…that only Jesus can heal.

For many people, there’s a hole in a relationship…with a parent or spouse or a child…that only Jesus can fix.

For others, there’s a lack of direction or a loss of desire or ambition…and only Jesus can fill the void they feel.

No matter what the missing piece of your life is, Jesus can heal you and WANTS to heal you. Put your trust in Him and hear Him speaking in your spirit, mind, and body today: “Be thou made whole.”