From the archives of Oral RobertsSecond of two parts

Evelyn and I were in Florida for a rest, and as we were going to dinner one day, a lady rushed toward us. She gave us her name, and we recognized her as a longtime Partner in our ministry.

“Do you know God sent you here?” she asked.

I said, “We came because we were worn out and needed a few days of rest.”

“God sent you here,” she repeated. “The best friend I have, one of the most prominent women in America, married into royalty in Europe. A few weeks ago, her husband committed suicide. She has flown back to her home in America, and she’s in a pit. She won’t talk to anyone. She just sits in her little study with her head down. She has been threatening to take her life, and no one can reach her.”

Evelyn and I went to the woman’s house and were led to her study. There was this magnificent-looking woman, some 50 years of age, her head down, her shoulders drawn, and looking as if she were dead.

I spoke to her, but she didn’t say a word. Then I said, “Ma’am, my name is Oral Roberts.” Her head came up and she said, “THE Oral Roberts?” The tears burst from her eyes. “I’ve been watching you all these years on television,” she said, “but I never knew I’d ever need you to pray for me.”

As I reached over to pray for her, it was like touching stone. I pulled my hands back and said under my breath, “God, if You sent me here to bring healing to this woman, You’re going to have to do something.” He said, “Touch her again. Touch her forehead.” And when I did, the power of God came into that room. She asked Jesus to come into her life and to lift her out of the horrible pit. As I led her in prayer, I began to feel the saving grace and the healing power of God take hold of that woman. In a split second, the death look on her face was gone, the darkness left the room, and her face shone like the sun rising in the morning.