From the archives of Oral RobertsSecond of three parts

For a number of years I’ve used this phrase, “Forget to remember… and remember to forget.” I believe that’s what Paul was talking about. If you are truly going to be focused on one main goal in life, you’ve got to forget the offenses that come against you ― both now and in your past.

Jesus said that, in this life, offenses will come. Sometimes your enemies offend you; sometimes your friends and family offend you. Sometimes you offend yourself! Unless you forgive yourself and others of those offenses, you will develop – over time – an attitude of anger, revenge, and bitterness. And when that happens, your past hurts seem to loom so large that they keep you from focusing completely on your goal in life ― to serve God and to do His will with your whole being.

Scoop up the trash of offense that is cluttering your memories and your mind today ― which may be anything that keeps your mind awake at night or causes you to walk through the daytime like a zombie. Scoop it up today and put it at the foot of the Cross. Walk away from it, trusting Jesus to recycle it into something good in your future! Forget it! Let it go!

If you are truly going to be focused in life and moving forward with God, you must leave behind your past.