Lindsay Roberts

When the Lord led me to go on television with the daily program “Make Your Day Count”, (the now weekly MYDC program can be viewed at or on Miracles TV in our mobile app) I wanted it to be a show about serious Bible teaching. If I was going to be on television, then I wanted to teach everyone to be Bible scholars.

But one day Oral said, “I feel like you need to do something that will attract all sorts of people, saved or not; something that men, women, and children can all watch. I want you to cook!”

I didn’t like the idea, but we tried it. The first day we set the kitchen on fire. And it was hilarious! From then on, it seemed like we just laughed and had fun on the program.

I have to admit, at first I had a really hard time with that. I didn’t like saying and doing things that made me look silly. I wanted people to take me seriously! But it seemed that the harder I tried to be serious, the sillier I looked! It wasn’t how I wanted the program to be, and I complained to the Lord about it.

Then one day I received a letter from a woman who was taking chemotherapy treatments for cancer. She said, “I schedule my chemo treatments during the time when your program is on. You make me laugh. And if I don’t laugh, I know I will die.”

I repented. I turned the program over to the Lord and said, “What do You want from me?” He reminded me of Proverbs 17:22, which says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” In the times we live in, life can be intense. People need to laugh. The Lord showed me there are many ways to get His healing power across to people. It’s not about me looking perfect; it’s about letting God have His way and meeting a person’s need. Now, I tell people, “Go ahead and laugh!”