Richard Roberts

The Hebrew scholars will tell you that in Bible days the most dangerous way to fish was to launch out into the deep. The Sea of Galilee is subject to violent storms, and people hesitated to go out into the deep where the big fish were because it was not unusual for the wind to rise up suddenly, and everyone might die. When Jesus told Peter to launch out into the deep for a catch, He knew what He was talking about (Luke 5:1–7). Notice, He did not say “Launch out into the deep for a storm.”

God does not make mistakes! Many times He speaks something in your spirit and you think that surely God wouldn’t ask you to do that. In our humanness, we want to play it safe. Now don’t misunderstand me. You need to check it out, to prove that it’s God speaking to you. But I say to you today, your life in Jesus is a safe risk of your faith… and I will trade safe faith for a risk of miracles any day!

I encourage you from the bottom of my heart to let today be a time of launching out to do the things God has spoken in your heart to do!