Lindsay Roberts

Have you ever had a desire for something good, and nothing seemed to be happening? I’ve been there. All of my life, my desire was to have children. As a teenager, I was told that there was only a very slim chance that I would ever become pregnant, but I still desired children. I called out their names to God. I walked faith, talked faith, looked like faith… and all I got was a tumor, disease, and miscarriages.

One day the doctor asked me, “Why are you torturing yourself like this?” I said, “For one simple reason. I talked to God about it. ‘If you have children in store for me, then leave the desire in my heart. But if children are not for me, let me know.  Although I don’t understand how that could be, I will accept it. All I ask is that You take away the desire from my heart.’ And, Doctor, God has never taken away the desire.”

Since God never took away the desire, I refused to back down on my faith. I stood on Psalm 37:4; which says: Delight yourself also in the Lord,
and He shall give you the desires of your heart.
And when I look today at our beautiful daughters — Jordan, Olivia, and Chloe — I see the result of a faith-desire that became a miracle!

No matter what obstacles you may be facing today, if God has not taken away that burning dream from inside your heart, don’t let the devil back you down. Hold on, in faith!