Richard Roberts

I once had a conversation with a young woman who is one of the great gospel singers in the entire world. I asked her to be a guest on my television program and she said, “I’m afraid to come because the Holy Spirit might speak something to me and it would terrify me and probably ruin my ministry.”

I said, “No, if the Holy Spirit said something to you, it would make your ministry, not break it.”

This woman loved the Lord Jesus, but she didn’t want anything to do with the Holy Spirit. How sad, I thought. And then I realized that she is like many people who ridicule, turn their backs on, or deny the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives because they are afraid that He will do something to mar their personal reputations. They don’t realize that the Holy Spirit will never overstep a person‘s individual will.

Furthermore, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will only bring good into our lives. Jesus taught, “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him” (Luke 11:13)!  The Holy Spirit is God’s “good gift” to us. We can choose to accept Him or reject Him. We can choose to let His spiritual gifts operate in our lives or choose to suppress them. Jesus also said the Holy Spirit would be our Comforter or Helper, who would guide us to all truth. (See John 14:16–18 & 25–26.)

Have you ever opened your spirit to the power of the Holy Spirit? If not, I encourage you to do so today. God imparts His Spirit only for your good!