From the archives of Evelyn RobertsFirst of two parts

The Bible teaches that wisdom ― knowing what to do in every situation and how to discern every spirit ― begins when we have a “reverent and worshipful fear” of the Lord. What exactly is that type of fear?

The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is not a scared-to-death kind of fear that we feel from time to time when life’s circumstances hit us or we feel overcome by life’s problems. It’s not the fear that says, “God, I’m afraid You’re going to knock me off into hell any day now.”

The reverent and worshipful “fear” of the Lord is a deep RESPECT and AWE of the Lord. As we stand before God, we are overwhelmed because He is so wonderful … He is so powerful … He is so good … He is so loving!

So many people I meet think of God as a hard judge who is just waiting to pronounce a sentence upon them.

As long as we think like that, we will not have God’s wisdom, for wisdom is rooted in having the RIGHT understanding of God ― which is that God is one hundred percent good. Everything He does is for the ultimate good of those who love Him… including you!