Lindsay RobertsFirst of four parts

It wasn’t one of the disciples who said those words. It wasn’t somebody who had helped Jesus along the way. It wasn’t somebody who had given Him bread. It wasn’t somebody who had tried to bind His wounds. It was a thief who had committed sin and who was found guilty of his sin — hanging on the cross next to my Savior — who said those words.

In some way, we are all guilty of something. It’s impossible for us to be born perfect, live in this world, and die perfect. There was only One who was perfect. His Name was Jesus, and they crucified Him.

Communion means “common union.” It means oneness with Jesus Christ. And it’s time now that we patched up the pieces, got over the guilt, and got back into oneness — into a common union, a fellowship — with Jesus Christ.

Jesus had only three years of public ministry before He went to the Cross. And hanging there on Mount Calvary between two thieves, persecution didn’t stop even then. One thief tormented Him saying, “If You’re the real Savior, why don’t You come down from the cross and save Yourself and save us with You?” One should be very careful of being cynical of God and His servants. When it came down to whether or not that thief was going to live in eternal damnation or go to paradise, Jesus made no reply.

By not replying, Jesus was saying, “Just wait three days, and then God will speak for Me.”