Lindsay RobertsPart Two of Three Parts

The invalid at the Pool of Bethesda was believing for a legend…for an angel…for a specific time for the waters to be stirred…for a man to take him to the water (John 5:1–15). When his healing hadn’t occurred over the years, these became his excuses for why he hadn’t been healed.

Because of the legend, the man had his own idea of how he would get healed. That’s why when Jesus asked him if he would be made whole, he answered, “I have no man (v. 7).” But the MAN he truly needed—Jesus, the Son of God—was standing right in front of him, asking him the right question, “Will you be made whole?”

Our opinions shape our answers. Has someone ever asked you, “Are you going to do this?” and immediately you answer, “No, I can’t do that because I don’t have enough education.” Or maybe the question was, “Are you going to go there?” and your answer was, “No, I don’t make enough money to go.” Your preconceived notions answer, “No, I don’t have this. No, I can’t do that.”

Those are like the answers—the excuses—the invalid gave Jesus because his faith to be healed was misplaced. It wasn’t in God. God gives us all the opportunities in the world to receive the miracles He has for us. If our faith is in the wrong place, giving us the wrong answers, then when God is ready to give us a miracle, we may miss our divine appointment with Him. We may automatically give Him the wrong answer because our faith is misplaced.