Lindsay RobertsPart One of Three Parts

 It’s our human nature to form an opinion about things based on our previous experiences. But we can miss a divine appointment with God for His blessings, His healing power, and His mighty miracles if we let our opinions of how blessings, healing, and miracles are supposed to work get in the way.

John 5:1–15 tells the story of someone who very nearly missed his divine healing appointment with God because of his preconceived ideas about healing.

The man, an invalid, had lain at the side of the Pool of Bethesda for 38 years, waiting to be healed. The local legend said that periodically an angel would come to the pool and stir the waters. The first person to get into the pool after the stirring of the waters would be healed. For 38 years the invalid man had tried to be the first person into the pool, but others always beat him to it.

But then Jesus arrived on the scene, and it was time for the man’s divine appointment for healing. He saw the man lying helplessly on the side of the pool and asked, “Will you be made whole?”

Having put his trust and faith in a local legend for nearly 40 years, the man gave the only answer he knew: “I have no man to take me to the pool after it has been stirred.”

Jesus had asked him the right question, but the man gave the wrong answer…based on his preconceived notion. Have you given answers to Jesus based on your faith in your own ideas? It’s time to put aside your opinions and put your faith in God and His Word.