Richard RobertsFaith Series – Fourth of six parts

Notice again how Abraham acted on his faith “giving glory to God” (Roman 4:20). How is it that we give glory to God? By praising Him!

The moment to give God praise is the very moment you act on your faith. The minute you plant your seed, begin to offer words of praise and worship.

Rejoice that your seed is planted and that God is working on your behalf. Give praise to God that you have agreed in prayer for a miracle and that God can now act on your prayer and cause all of the forces of Heaven to move for your good.

Praise God with your singing. Praise Him in your prayer language. Praise Him in the morning…in the noontime…in the evening…in the midnight hour!

Praise keeps your faith alive while God grows your seed into a harvest. Praise causes your heart to be filled with joy. Praise builds up your faith and brings encouragement to you.

And then, when your miracle happens, praise and worship God yet again! Acknowledge what God has done. Worship Him as your Source.

Praise and faith go together. High praise and strong faith are inseparable!