Lindsay RobertsFirst of three parts

I once received a letter from a lady asking for prayer as she was about to be married. She was marrying, she said, because she was lonely.

Loneliness sometimes drives us to do things we would not normally do. This lady could go from being lonely to being lonely and miserable if the person she’s marrying is not who God has ordained for her. Obviously, this woman is saved as she wrote about her salvation. But you shouldn’t make a decision such as marriage based on loneliness. You make a decision on your marriage based on whether or not that is the person God has called you to marry and spend the rest of your life with.

When we’re in a situation of hurt…our self-esteem is low, we’re lonely, we’re hurt, we’re troubled, we’re working against ourselves… one bad decision triggers another, and we go from bad to worse, from lonely to miserable.

Another woman called saying she had five children. She suffers with anxiety all the time as a result of the children. I’m not saying it’s the children’s fault. I have several children, and there are days when I wonder, “Where am I in the bottom of all of this?

But that’s a mom’s role. When my daughter, Olivia, was six years old, she said the cutest thing and it just swept over me. She said, “I’ve figured out everybody’s role in this household. Mom’s do everything, dads are tall, and grandmothers always have candy.”

I thought the way she assessed it is true, because “moms do everything.” It is that way when you spend a lot of time with your children in the mom position. It is especially true in cases such as single-parent homes, or where the husband is working all the time. You begin to feel like, What do I do If I’m not capable of doing all of this?

The important thing for you to remember is that you are a good mother! You are a good wife! We need to accept ourselves for what we really are!