Richard Roberts

Satan’s strategy is to attack young people any way he can―through drugs, alcohol, and sexual perversion of all types.

Young people feel they really don’t have anything to identify with. They have the feeling that the world is not going to survive, and that there’s nothing out there for them.

That is Satan’s strategy. If he can make them despondent, discouraged, and disillusioned, then he has them! Satan is really not after you or me or our children, he’s after our faith. Because if he can separate us from our faith, then he has us.

We as parents, as church members, as the Body of Christ, must do what Moses did. Moses said, “No, Pharaoh, no! We’ll not go unless everyone does. If the women and children don’t go, we are not going.” The plagues kept coming until finally Pharaoh gave permission for Moses to take everyone with him. Moses had a great victory for God and for the children of Israel.

We must tell satan he cannot have our children. My mother and father paid the price for me. They paid the price by walking the floor, holding my name up before the Lord when I was spitting in their faces, running my own life, and singing with a rock band. Thank God, my parents would not let go. They saw in me something I didn’t see. They saw God’s healing ministry in me. And the day came when I made a commitment of my life to Christ and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

That is what we must do for our children. We must tell satan he cannot have them! We must stand up and command satan in the authority of Jesus’ Name to take his hands off our children!

It is our responsibility to believe God that our children will find a purpose in life and then ultimately go to heaven with us. It’s a great responsibility to plead the blood of Jesus over our children and raise them up the way they’re supposed to go, with the purpose the Lord has planned for their lives.

In essence, we are saying to our children, “You’ll never get away from our prayers.” Thank God for the blood of Jesus!