From the archives of Evelyn Roberts Second of three parts

How did you feel, Mary, when Joseph took you to the stable among the animals for the birth of your little King?

With pain our Savior entered the world, and with pain He would surely leave the world too. You shared that pain also, Mary. I know.

The shepherds must have warmed your heart, Mary. Your first visitors! They were only shepherds, the keepers of the sheep, but they were there, Mary, to worship with you. You sensed that they knew your secret the moment they knelt around your Baby Son, didn’t you.

When they shared with you that they had seen the heavens filled with angels and heard one of them say, “I bring good news of great joy… in the city of David, a Savior has been born … He is Christ the Lord,” your heart must have leaped within you, Mary! You must have said, “Oh, it’s true! God has kept His promise! I’ve been through so many struggles, but I’ve obeyed Him, and He has not forsaken me. This Child shall bring joy to the world!”

And even as the Baby lay asleep in the manger and your body lay on the hay, exhausted, you must have been thinking about all you had been through, and wondering just what the future held for your Baby Son.

Mary, you must have been proud of Him as you watched Him grow and mature. I can almost see your heart swell with pride as you compared Him with other children. But Mary, weren’t you frightened almost to death when you lost Him on the way home from Jerusalem? Did you wonder if you had reared Him to the age of twelve only to lose Him and that perhaps you would not find Him? You must have been proud—and a little awed too—when you found Him in the temple speaking with learned men and answering profound questions. You had a lot of thinking to do, didn’t you?