From the archives of Evelyn RobertsThird of three parts

Mary, did your woman’s intuition suspect that Jesus’ enemies would destroy Him? Did you really understand why He was in the world? Your heart must have ached when the religious people rose up against Him, Mary.

But finally, at the end, when they tried Him in the night and beat Him until He had stripes, how could you stand it?

You must have felt the blows hit your heart as they nailed His hands and feet to the cross. And standing there by the cross watching Him die, did you wonder if it was worth it? Did you ask God why He allowed such a thing to happen? Did you ask, “God, is this the end? Is this why I suffered to bring Him into the world? Has it come to this? Is it all for nothing?” What agony you must have suffered, Mary, for only a mother knows what it is like.

The next day must have been hard for you, Mary, with your Son in the tomb — that Son who brought so much joy into your life, that Son who changed the thinking of all those He met, who really turned the world upside down in three years. And now it was over. Satan must have taunted you with such gibes as, “You see, Mary, you threw your life away for nothing. You believed God. You obeyed Him. Now what has it brought you? It wasn’t worth the heartache you suffered. He’s dead, Mary! He’s dead! Was it worth it?”

But, Mary, you knew that He was more than your Son, didn’t you, when you went to the tomb on Sunday morning and learned He had risen! He rose that you might live! That I might live!

Because you obeyed, Mary, I have a Savior.

Because of your obedience, Mary, we celebrate Christmas.

Because you believed God, we have Good News to tell the world—Christmas means, love, Savior, Messiah, Master, Lord, to everyone who accepts Jesus Christ.

How I thank you, Mary, for your obedience. I admit at times I get weak when struggles come. But I’m learning, Mary, that obedience brings miracles, and miracles change people’s lives. And this is what Christmas is all about.

Mary, I can hear the answer to my questions coming down through the ages from you to me:

“Yes, Evelyn Roberts, it was worth it! I would do it again, for you see, He is my Lord too!”