From the archives of Evelyn Roberts

As a wife and mother, I know how much little day-to-day events can upset you. It’s so easy to get nervous, to feel flustered and shaky inside. You have a sick child. Something in the house breaks down. The car won’t run. You’re late for an important appointment. You get a telephone call that unnerves you or a letter with bad news. Bills pile up, and money is short. Someone says something to hurt you. You have headaches or a backache. You stay awake at night crying.

I’ve found prayer sweeter than ever before. Prayer opens me up inside, turns me upward toward God, and outward toward people. I thank God for the privilege of prayer. It’s a direct line to our Father in heaven, who is concerned about every child of His on earth.

Mama Roberts, Oral’s mother, once said, “Oral, you don’t have to know how to pray. All you have to do is open you heart and tell God all about it, and He will do the rest.”

When my children were small, I taught them, “Just say it to God as you feel it, and mean it.” Say, “Dear God, this is what I feel in my heart,” or “Jesus, I love You,” or “Jesus, I know You know all about this, and I thank You for it.”

You may be going through some days that are cruel and nights that are lonely. You’ve tried so hard, but things haven’t worked out. Regardless of past failures, prayer means HOPE. When you pray you are not alone. You know that divine SOMEONE you can trust is there beside you. He will never let you down or fail you. Prayer means hope for today and hope for tomorrow all of your life (see James 5:16).

God looks on your heart. He is there with you.