Richard Roberts

Everything rises or falls on leadership. I once read an article in a magazine asking these searching questions: Where have all the leaders gone? Where are our leaders? The late Mahatma Gandhi of India, once said, “There go my people. I must catch them so I can lead them.” A news broadcast commentator said, “It appears that the United States has all the resources to make this country great again. All we need are leaders.”

The American people want strong leaders — men and women who are strong morally, who have no ulterior motives, and who have no hidden agendas. They want leaders who will make this country strong. They want men and women of integrity who are not looking to line their own pockets.

What Americans want is a country that moves toward God. Grass roots America is saying, “We want America to bless God again.”

In order to be a leader, you must understand that successful leadership rises or falls on your ability to be strong, have integrity, be moral, and do what is right for the Lord.

God showed me two simple words — stay fresh. Second Peter 3:18 says, But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is said that when a tree stops growing, it dies. If a person stays fresh, that person will keep growing. I stay fresh by staying in the Word of God. I sow the Word of God into the garden of my heart. When a problem or some stress comes, then out of the abundance of my heart my mouth speaks. (See Matthew 12:34.)

I thank God that He is raising up a new breed of leadership in this nation. He is raising up new leadership for our communities and our country. And this leadership will not be ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ!