Richard Roberts

One of Jesus’ miracles that stands out most vividly to me is the story of the four friends who carried a paralyzed man to the Lord so he could receive his healing. You’ll find the story in Luke 5:17–26. The men literally “raised the roof” to help their sick friend.

The man had probably been paralyzed for many years, but he had friends who cared enough to take him to Jesus. In my spirit, I can see those men carrying their friend through the streets of Capernaum. They probably told him about the many miracles Jesus had already performed and prayed in agreement with him for a miracle.

Wherever Jesus went, He attracted such huge crowds that many people weren’t able to get close enough to hear Him or have Him touch them with His healing power. That day was no exception. When the paralyzed man and his friends arrived at the house where Jesus was, there was no way to get through to Him. But the men were so determined to get their friend to Jesus that they carried him to the rooftop and tore off the tiling to lower him into the presence of the Lord. When Jesus looked up through the opening of the roof and saw a man on a mattress being lowered by four pairs of strong hands, He saw their faith (v. 20). And He honored their faith by miraculously healing their paralyzed friend!

Many times when you are seeking God, it’s easy to get discouraged and stop reaching out to Him when you come to an obstacle. But no situation is too difficult for God when you determine in your heart to raise the roof for victory. When you get so angry at the devil that you say, “I’m going to find a way to get through to God!” you can expect the Lord to honor your faith.