From the archives of Oral Roberts

People often ask me how God speaks. I can only tell them how He speaks to me. When He does, I grab some paper and a pencil and start writing as fast as I can.

God often speaks to my spirit on the inside of me, and I understand the words. At times He will speak to me in a still, small voice. Other times, His words will come up from my spirit into my head and fill it until it’s as if my head is roaring.

Each time I have heard God’s voice, it has been crystal clear and the words were spoken as distinctly as if you were speaking to me. When I was dying with tuberculosis, I heard the voice of God on the inside of me, “Son, I’m going to heal you, and you’re to take My healing power to your generation.” Then he added that someday I would build Him a university. Before I had finished high school and gotten into college myself, God told me that I would someday build Him a university! And He told me this after I had accepted Christ, at a time when I didn’t fully understand what miracles were all about.

I’ve learned that God will usually speak to you at the point of your need, when you’re hurting the worst. He knows things you don’t know, and He sees things that you can’t see. That’s how it was when I was hurting. God told me things that I had not thought of.

God desires to speak to each of us. Jesus says in John 10:27 NASB, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” As we develop a listening ear, we can begin to recognize God’s voice when He speaks to us.