Lindsay Roberts

Jesus tells us that faith the size of a grain of mustard seed can move an obstacle the size of a mountain (see Matthew 17:20).   Examine the analogy here. A grain of mustard seed, according to Mark 4:31–32, is one of the smallest seeds. That means that even if you have only the smallest amount of faith, you can still move a mountain-sized problem. Think of the mathematics involved. How could something so small possibly move something so great?

What is Jesus driving at here? I believe He wants us to realize that we don’t have to have mountain-sized faith to move mountain-sized problems. All we need to have is a little faith. We can sow it to God and expect Him to move the big mountains because faith is faith, and faith pleases God. Whether it’s mountain-sized faith or mustard seed-sized faith, it’s still faith, and when it is activated, it takes on the life of God in the seed.

When we sow our seeds of faith in the garden of God’s system, then I believe He breathes life into that seed, grows it, multiplies it, and creates a powerful force so big in it that it has the miraculous ability to move mountains.

In Mark 11:23–24, God tells us to speak to our mountain…our problem…and command it to be cast into the sea “and not doubt in our hearts.” Too often, we talk about the mountain, rather than to the mountain. Instead, we need to stop talking about our great big mountain and start telling that mountain about our great big God!

I believe this Scripture is telling us to believe what we say! As we speak the faith process into existence, we put wings to our prayers. God hears and responds to our faith, and the mountain-sized problem topples into the sea!