More than Conquerors

Richard Roberts

One year, when I was in Perth, Australia for a crusade, I was able to watch one of the Australian Open tennis matches on television. It was a semi-final match between two Frenchmen, Arnaud Clement and Sebastien Grosjean and the winner would move on to the championship match.

Competing in a best three-out-of-five set format, the younger Grosjean had won the first two sets and was ahead 5-4 in the third set, just one point away from the win. Even the television commentators were saying it would be impossible for Clement to come back from such a deep deficit to win.

But that’s when something happened. Somehow Clement reached down deep inside himself and fought off the match points. The next thing I knew, Clement had forced Grosjean into a tiebreaker. Then Clement won the set! There was a turnaround that everyone in the arena could sense. Suddenly, that which looked like it was lost was possible. Clement proceeded to win the fourth set, which tied the match 2-2, with one set left. And once again, Clement reached deep down inside himself and won the final set! It was a miracle!

Clement drew upon his talent to win his battle on the tennis court. If a tennis player can come back from a hopeless situation and win, think of what each of us can do when we’re faced with obstacles, because we have the Holy Spirit to help us! Romans 8:37 tells us we are “more than conquerors through him that loved us.” What might look lost to us is not impossible with God!

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