From the archives of Oral RobertsThird of four parts

Sometimes God responds to our prayers by giving us a command. That’s what happened when Jesus came upon a blind man one day. He spat on the ground and made clay of the spittle and then anointed the eyes of the blind man and said, “Here’s what I want you to do. Go to the pool of Siloam in Jerusalem and wash.” (see John 9:1-7)

Now, Jesus could have healed this man instantly. He could have touched him or spoken to him and his eyes could have opened immediately. But there was a point of obedience and faith that Jesus was seeking to activate in this young man, and so He said, “Here is something for you to do.”

Very often, God asks us to respond to Him with our faith by using a point of contact. A point of contact is something that you do, and when you do it you turn your faith loose. If God is directing you to use a certain point of contact, He may very well be doing so to build up your faith and obedience. Trust God and follow through on what He tells you to do.

At other times, God may be directing you to “do this” in order for you to be in the right position to receive your miracle.

One night a man came forward in the healing line for prayer, and as I started to pray for him, he jerked away and left. The next night he came back through the line and I recognized him. He said, “You probably are wondering why I left last night?” I nodded. He said. “There was something I had to do.”

Sometimes God shows us very clearly that before He can send a miracle our way, there’s something we need to straighten out with Him, or an apology we need to make, or sin we need to repent of, or restitution we need to make. Sometimes God shows us that we need to plant a specific seed for our miracle.

When God says, “Do this,” our only response should be to obey. God always has a purpose in what He directs us to do.