From the archives of Oral Roberts

Are you facing a storm in your life today? Last year, we all watched with concern, and then with grief and shock, as Hurricane Hugo slammed into the coast of South Carolina. The power of that storm was beyond anything that many people had ever experienced ― causing homes to collapse, fishing boats to catapult onto the land, and trees and power line poles to fall like matchsticks. Many people lost all of their material possessions; some lost loved ones.

The storms of life nearly always strike quickly and with devastating power. It may be sickness… or a financial problem… or a death in the family… or a divorce or breakup in a family relationship.

One day Jesus said to His disciples, “Let’s go over to the other side of the lake.” They boarded a boat and set sail. Jesus went to a quiet part of the boat and went to sleep. When the little boat was far from land, a terrible storm struck quickly and with great fury. The waves became so high that the boat began to take on water and it looked as if they would sink. The disciples called out to Jesus, “Master, don’t you care that we are about to die?”

Jesus rose and spoke to the winds and rebuked the waves, “Stop it! That’s enough! Be at peace.” And immediately the waters became calm. (See Luke 8).

Notice today the two things Jesus said to the disciples before they got in the boat. First, He said, “Let us go over.” That means Jesus intended to reach the other side. He knew about the storm arising… but He also knew they would make it safely to the other shore! Jesus knows about the storm hitting your life and He says to you today, “We ARE going to make it to the opposite side!”

Secondly, Jesus said, “Let US go over.” That meant that He intended to make the trip with them. He wasn’t sending them on alone. Jesus wasn’t going by another route. He was going to go WITH them; together they would go through the storm. In your storm today, Jesus is there! He hasn’t forgotten you, nor has He left you.

Jesus is in the boat with you even as the howl and threat of life’s storms are crashing about you. Stay in the boat with Him … and YOU too WILL make it to the other side!