Richard Roberts

A young man writing to his father about an upsetting personal problem said, “Dad, yesterday I put this whole matter into the Lord’s hands and asked Him to help me. At times like this, I often think of when I was a little boy and you and I would go fishing. Remember how I would get my fishing line all tangled up? Finally, I would hand the whole tangled mess over to you, and you would smooth it out. I’m trying to learn to do that with the Lord now — turn my problems over to Him and not pull at the line too much before I give it to Him.”



How tangled some of our problems become!

And it seems as if the knots of difficulty become tighter as we try to struggle through them in our own strength.

Maybe you are wrestling with a problem that looks too complicated for it to ever work out. Do what this young man did. Turn the whole thing over to your loving heavenly Father. Psalm 115:9 TLB says, Trust the Lord! He is your helper.

Now commit the situation to God with this prayer:

Father, this problem is too much for me. I turn it over to You right now, knowing that You can untangle the knotty impossibility that is troubling me so. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.