From the archives of Oral Roberts

Many people are confused about exactly what faith is. We talk about it, hear it preached in our churches, and read about it in the Bible. God says in Habakkuk 2:4, The just shall live by his faith. But what is faith, really? That’s a question I asked God when I was trying to find His direction for my life. And this is what He said to me:

“Faith is a knowing. It’s when the Holy Spirit supernaturally empties your heart of doubts and fills you with a knowing so that you ‘know that you know that you know.’ And in that moment of knowing, you can’t doubt.”

I suddenly realized something about the Holy Spirit that I didn’t know before. He has the power to supernaturally empty my heart of doubt and fill it with a knowing and a confidence that comes from God. That was a profound thought for me because I was plagued with many doubts.

As I listened to God, He gave me the Scripture in Romans 4:17 which tells us to have the faith of God, who called those things that be not as though they already were! All of a sudden I got it. That was an illustration of faith and how it works.

That revelation helped establish me in my Christian faith as a young preacher. I believe that once we understand this idea, we can go beyond theory to action, and we can act with certainty concerning whatever we’re believing God for. This is when miracles happen!