Richard Roberts

The story is told about two women who lived next door to each other in eastern Kentucky. One day, both of the women were out on their porches, and one of the women called to her friend and said, “What are you doing?”

“Sewing,” came the reply from the woman next door.

“So am I! What are you sewing?”

The neighbor replied, “I’m sewing my husband’s pants.”

“That’s interesting,” the first women said. “So am I!”

“Yes,” said the second woman, “My husband was laid off some time ago and he’s been sitting around this house so long now, fretting and worrying, that he has worn out the seat of his pants. I’m putting some patches on them, but I’m not sure they’ll last long. I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

“That’s interesting,” the first woman replied. “You know, about the time your husband lost his job my husband also was laid off. But he hasn’t been sitting around the house. He’s been out running errands and doing odd jobs for people. When he’s home, he’s mostly on his knees praying. And I’m putting patches on the knees of my husband’s pants. We’re going to make it!”

We each can choose today whether we will worry about our need, or pray about it. Let’s choose to pray and believe God!