From the archives of Oral RobertsPart One of Two Parts

God “takes” something only to return it multiplied. When you give something to God, He doesn’t want to keep it. He just wants to use it, multiply it, and give it back.

Look at Matthew 21:1–9. It’s Palm Sunday, and Jesus is riding on a donkey right down through the main streets of Jerusalem and people are shouting Hosanna to the Lord. They are putting palm branches in the streets and He’s coming in. He’s not on a great white horse, He’s on a donkey. And He borrowed this donkey.

Jesus told His disciples to go to a certain man and say to him, “The Master needs your donkey. He will use him and send him right back.” I think that’s fabulous. Have you ever wondered what happened to that donkey? The owner is not identified, but Jesus knew him. And I imagine the thought went through our Lord’s mind, If my disciples borrow the donkey, the man will be wondering if he will ever get his donkey back.

And that’s exactly what goes through our minds if we’ll be honest about it, when we feel God wants something from us. “What’s going to happen to it?” And a great many people don’t give because they think it will diminish them. I mean, God will just take it from them, and they will have less than when they gave.

But when you give to God by your love, and you give out of yourself, you let the goodness of God come out of you for your talents and your time and your concern and your money and whatever you give to God. God’s really saying to you, I need that―not to keep but to use and bless and multiply and send it right back. What you give to God, God always returns, but it will never be the same because He has touched it.