Becoming Whole

Richard Roberts Once, while we were live and on the air with our television program, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that He was healing someone who had […]

Out of the Pit

From the archives of Oral Roberts – Second of two parts Evelyn and I were in Florida for a rest, and as we were going to dinner one day, a […]

After His Own Heart

From the archives of Oral Roberts – First of two parts Psalm 40 is a Scripture I memorized tens of years ago. I’ve carried it in my heart like a […]

Leaning on God

Lindsay Roberts More times than I can count, when our girls were little, one of them would come to me so sleepy she could hardly hold her eyes open, so […]

The Bad News Is Wrong!

Richard Roberts  It is said that when Walt Disney considered a big project, he would go before his Board of Directors and wait until they said, “Walt, it’s impossible.” Only […]

Never Alone

From the archives of Oral Roberts You may remember as a youth reading the story of Robinson Crusoe. Crusoe was stranded on a deserted island and as time passed, he […]

Right Starts

Lindsay Roberts When our children were young, we would normally start our day at home talking about God and having prayer as we prepared to eat breakfast and go about […]

Let Me Ask You

Richard Roberts I once had lunch with a man who had come to our office and I asked him during our conversation, “Have you ever been born again?” He looked […]

When Problems Come

From the archives of Evelyn Roberts Many people say or believe that problems only come to a man or woman if they are out of the will of God. I […]